• Spring news

    NiagaraWe have just come back from the USA and a month-long tour. We played fifteen concerts in that time and we saw the Niagara falls (left), the CN Tower in Toronto,  the Golden Gate, an aircraft carrier in Corpus Christi and vineyards in California. Now we are preparing for the premiere of Emily Howard’s string quartet in the Wigmore Hall on the 4th of May. At the same concert we will be playing Schumann’s piano quintet with Simon Crawford-Phillips. Look out for our Beethoven CD! It has received good reviews!

  • Beethoven project comes to an end and upcoming US tour

    On March the 7th our Beethoven Project is coming to an end and we will perform the last concert of our cycle in the Wigmore Hall. Op. 18:6, Op. 59:9 and Beethoven’s last quartet Op. 135 will be on the programme.

    We are also preparing for a four week long tour of the US which will take us all over the country, from California in the South West to New York in the North East. We are looking forward to a return visit to the Carnegie Hall where we will be perform Beethoven on the 16th of March.

    On the 4th of May we will premiere a completely fresh quartet by immensely talented composer Emily Howard in the Wigmore Hall. Not to be missed!

    We have an updated Elias website on the way so watch out for that!

  • First Beethoven CD out

    EliasBeeth1The first CD of our Beethoven cycle is out! It was recorded live in the Wigmore Hall in February 2014. On it you can listen to the Op. 18:4, the Op. 74 “Harp” and the Op. 130 with the “Grosse Fuge”. Five more Beethoven CD:s to follow in the next few years.

  • End of Beethoven Project nigh

    We are coming up towards the end of our Beethoven Project that has lasted more than two years. Our first Beethoven CD of the programme including the Op. 18:4, the Op. 74 “Harp” and the Op. 130 with the “Grosse Fuge” is due for release in a few weeks, and we have two more concerts at the Wigmore Hall lined up, the last of which in March. On Saturday the 10th of January we will be playing Op. 18:5, Op. 59:3 and, Beethoven’s own favourite, Op. 131 at our penultimate Beethoven cycle concert in the Wigmore Hall. In March we will be doing a long tour of the US including a return visit to Carnegie Hall. We hope to see you at a concert very soon!

  • Beethoven returns

    After a wondeful summer break we are returning to our Beethoven Project with two concerts in the Wigmore Hall, both recorded for the Wigmore Live label. On the 9th of October we will be playing Op.18:3, Op.95 and the monumental Op.130 with the new finale, and on the 1st of November we will be performing a marathon programme consisting of Op.18:2, Op.127 and Op.59:1. Welcome!

  • Shortlisted for Royal Philharmonic Society Award

    We are happy to announce that we have been shortlisted for this year’s Royal Philharmonic Society Award in the category Chamber Music and Song! See more here.

  • Back from our US tour

    We have just come back from a three-week tour of the US. We played in Washington, Philadelphia and many other wonderful places. We even got as far south as Florida! You can read some of the reviews here, here and here.

    On the 19th of May we return to the Wigmore Hall for our second concert in our complete Beethoven quartet series. On the programme is Op. 18:1, the viola quintet Op. 29 (with the eminent Malin Broman) and Op. 132. Do come along if you can!

  • Wigmore Beethoven cycle about to commence

    Our Wigmore Beethoven cycle is about to start. We will over one year and a half play all of Beethoven’s quartet in Wigmore Hall, and all the concerts will be recorded live for the Wigmore Live label. The first concert is on the 20th of February and we will be playing the audience favourite op. 18:4, the uplifting op. 74 “The Harp” and op. 130 with the monumental “Grosse Fuge”. Do come along!

  • Autumn news

    We are back from a fantastic tour of Australia. We played in some of the most incredible halls, and met many wonderful people including the lovely staff of Musica Viva.

    We’re now back in Beethoven mode, and preparing for the first concert series of our new Glasgow residency. Other plans for the autumn include our 4th programme in our Beethoven cycle, a tour of Sweden and concerts in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

    See you at a concert very soon!

  • Off to Australia

    We are just about to embark on a tour of Australia. On it we will play pieces by Beethoven and Haydn, and also a completely fresh and exciting piece by Australian composer Matthew Hindson. See our schedule for details.

    We had the great pleasure of going to Australia a few years ago, and we are looking forward tremendously to going back and seeing again all the wonderful people we got to know then. The tour is organised by the incredible Musica Viva organisation.